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1. What is the value of customer information to Canyon Ranch? To Canyon Ranch, customer information is vital in order to successfully implement their business model. The value that it provides to the business is the ability to understand each customer’s unique needs and provide appropriate alternatives that will allow each guest to achieve their individual goals. This is essential for Canyon Ranch to attain its mission to “inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living, turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment of life” ( By gathering and sharing guests’ information, Canyon Ranch can assimilate it to “understand their customers, built
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Without this information, employees are not able to make those connections. Another opportunity to build synergy is across locations. The synergy between the SpaClubs and the resorts was described in the case as “tenuous” (Applegate , Austin, Soule page 164). By integrating a shared CRM, employees from one location can have access to all customer data. If a customer visits a SpaClub in Florida but expresses interest in services offered by the Canyon Ranch resorts, the Florida employee can use the CRM to document the customer needs and perhaps cross-sell those locations. This information could then feed back to the resort location, who could follow up with the customer via mail, phone call, or other appropriate method. This sharing of information will benefit both the SpaClubs as well as the resorts. When customer visit one location, their profile should follow them to the next location so the transition is seamless. Regardless of where they are, the Canyon Ranch employees should ‘know the customer’ based on what information they gather from the CRM. The second strategy that would benefit from an integrated CRM/BI solution is marketing. As described above, increased synergies will help to build a more targeted marketing plan. The more information that can be gathered and assimilated, the more

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