Capabilities and Potential for Cloud Storage in the Enterprise

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Are cloud storage solutions irrelevant for a large organisation of 1,500 staff? - An evaluation of capabilities and potential for Cloud storage in the enterprise In this essay I will be evaluating the capabilities and potential for cloud storage in enterprise. I will be doing this by evaluating all of the features, abilities, drawbacks and limitations of cloud storage using the currently available standards, products and protocols to help validate my views. I will first explain what cloud computing and cloud storage is and how it came about, I will then go on to evaluate the pros and cons of cloud storage and how it could affect a large organisation and then finally I will use my findings and data to answer the question posed in this essay. In computing, cloud computing and as a sub component, cloud storage is a term used to describe a large number of computers or a few very large servers connected to each other through some form of network usually a wide area network or internet link, this network is sometimes referred to as an internet area network. The evolution of cloud computing started by the original concept in the 1950’s of large servers which were accessible from terminals with no real processing capacity themselves which would allow for multiple parties to share its resources with the connected terminals and allow for more CPU uptime. This meant that the servers which may have cost thousands of pounds or were only available for research use would be much more
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