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capable purchasing power could accessibly reach. Knowing the brand and where the products will have a higher rate of success when positioned is crucial to the business. Positioning can also include intangibles such as corporate image and reputation amongst consumers.
Firms that take the initiative to be proactive in giving back to their communities, volunteering, and caring about the environment are considered some of the top brands. The media pays close attention to companies that have popular brands because they are waiting for them to make a smart or poor choice to publicly advertise. The reputation of the brand is always on the line unless smart and strategic choices are made by the firm to enhance the brand image by positioning it well in the eyes of consumers. No caring human being likes to wear a real animal fur coat regardless of the brand. Making sure that products are eco and environmentally friendly while perhaps using fewer resources helps consumers feel good about the product they purchase from a certain brand.
Consumers also like to develop a relationship with a brand and are loyal to those brands sometimes regardless of change, appearance, or price. Each brand has its own personality just like individuals who seek to be unique. Anything that is personable an individual gravitates to it. Brands now have the power to market to different segments utilizing personalization and personality to create a relationship.
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