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Quinte MRI, Inc. is a small international provider specializing in a variety of medical technologies including MRI. Quinte MRI’s founder, Dr. Syed Haider believes that the residents of smaller communities deserve the same level of health services as the residents of the larger urban centers. Quinte MRI is experiencing difficulty in meeting the expectations of 2 scans per hour. As a result, productivity is declining and they losing the referral of many of their colleagues. The process is creating a lot of variability and uncertainties that Quinte MRI are dealing with. Solving the issue of the “bottleneck” will make the operation more effective and manageable. By assuming the role of David Wright and Kevin Saskiw, I will recommend a…show more content…
In order to achieve this success, Wright and Saskiw must first identify the bottleneck in the process. The MRI machine and the time it takes perform a scan is the bottleneck of the process. Each scan can have different times associated with it depending on the type of scan that will be performed. This will limit the capacity of the overall process. For example, a scan without contrast will usually take 30 minutes. A scan that requires contrast will double that time to 60 minutes. According to exhibit # 2, in order to break even annually, the clinic will have to cover the total operating expenses of $690,000. That means that the clinic will have to perform 986 scan per year, or approximately 4 scans per day to achieve this goal. Considering that the equipment in the clinic is capable of much more, this operation should have no problem in reaching and exceeding its goal daily if proper measures are put into place. Improvements must start at the beginning of the process, as each step in the process is dependant upon the previous step. One of the goals of the clinic should be in improving the process flow up to the point that the actual scan will take place. The clinic must also eliminate much of the variability and uncertainties in the scanning process which is ultimately making the process difficult to manage. The uncertainties negatively affect work

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