Cape Island Boat By Macleod Analysis

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5. The narrator’s feeling towards the boat and fishing culture is very complicated. He was born in a fishing community, the boat and fishing culture is a natural part of him, and he loves it. However, he more prefers to freedom and going out. Meanwhile, he feels sorry about leaving the tradition and his family.

6. The mood of the story is bitter and the tone is calm. The author specially emphasizes the mood at the end of the story by describing his father’s death. His father died in the sea, and “the white-green stubble” (MacLeod, 12) of his father’s whiskers “had continue to grow in death, like the grass on graves” (Macleod, 12). The use of simile helps the author to create a bitter and sad mood that his father died miserably. And the narrator’s mother “lives alone” (MacLeod, 12) which is also sad. However, the narrator tells the story in a peaceful tone because he accepts the fact, his father’s death and starts a new life to become a teacher at a Midwestern university.

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Personification 1: “She was what Nova Scotions called a Cape Island boat and was designed for the small inshore fishermen haddock and hake” (MacLeod, 2) The author uses personification to show that the boat acts an important role in the narrator’s family, just like one of his family
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