Cape Town Is South Africa

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Cape Town is South Africa’s oldest city and is closely behind Johannesburg as the nations largest city. This capital city is known for is breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture. However, Cape Town is home to a conflicted history in which is still evident in it’s urban fabric today. Apartheid, South Africa’s system of racial segregation created an immense divide in the populations of Cape Town. Not only was this divide social, but it was physical as well. Communities were segregated by race into varying townships. While this injustice was ended nearly two decades ago, inequality and divides are still extremely noticeable in the makeup of the city. While many changes have been made to society in Cape Town, there is still much room for improvement. Aspects such as the architecture, political structure and sociologyn of the city reflect both Cape Town’s harsh past and developing future. Because of Cape Towns turbulent political history, the city’s development has been shaped by political and social forces rather than urban growth. Prior to the Apartheid regime, racial segregation was an immediate effect of the colonization of South Africa. The results of segregation and racial oppression were evident in the fabric of the city and can still be seen in the present. In this paper I will look carefully at the aspects of Cape Town to determine the progress made in it’s urban fabric since the fall of Apartheid. In 1948, the Afrikaner National Party adopted the Apartheid system…
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