Capital Asset Pricing Model (Capm) Versus the Discounted Cash Flows Method

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Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Versus the Discounted Cash Flows Method
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Capital asset pricing model or CAPM is a financial model that measures the risk premium inherent in equity investments like common stocks while Discounted Cash Flow or DCF compares the cost of an investment with the present value of future cash flows generated by the investment with the mindset being that if the cash flow is positive, then the investment is good. Generally speaking, CAPM is a model that describes the relationship between risk and expected return and DCF is a valuation method used to estimate the attractiveness of an investment opportunity. So what are the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each one? How
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It is focused on cash flow rather than accounting practices and allows for different components of a company to be valued separately. Conversely, the biggest challenge of the DCF method is that the determined value is only as accurate as the information it is given, that being the FCF, TV and discount rates. In other words, if the information given to determine the DCF isn’t accurate then the fair value for the investment won’t be accurate and the model won’t be helpful when assessing stock prices due to the inaccuracies. Furthermore, DCF is only good for long term values not short term investing. “The bottom line is that DCF is a rigorous valuation approach that can focus your mind on the right issues, help you see the risk and help you separate winning stocks from losers and help reduce uncertainty.” (McClure, 2011) So, now that we’ve looked at CAPM and DCF, what can we conclude?
The CAPM is a single factor model because it based on the hypothesis that required rate of return can be predicted using one factor that being systematic risk. It looks at risk and rates of returns, compares then to the stock market providing a usable measure of risk to help investors determine what return they will get for risking their money in an investment. There are a lot of assumptions and drawbacks of CAPM that lead to the conclusion that those investors utilizing this

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