Capital Budgeting Process Should Be Utilized

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In todays global market place every company or organization is looking for a way to get ahead of its competition. Every owner, CEO, or president is looking for away to keep his or her company or organization on solid financial ground. The one thing that they realize is, in order for a company or organization to stay solvent they will need to find away to stay competitive in this global market place. They have found that this may be done by some type of investment(s), in the form of acquisition, and or merger. In the world of business, capital budgeting is one of the most important steps that a company or organization can take. This process is called Capital budgeting. Capital budgeting is a process that attempts to determine the future. Before any large project begins, the capital budgeting process should be utilized. Without capital budgeting, your company could make a fatal mistake. A company or organization that is looking to invest its resources in a project without knowledge of the risks and returns involved could be seen as being reckless and irresponsible by its owners or shareholders. In the economic business world that we are currently in if a company or organization has no way of gauging the effectiveness of its investment most likely that the business will have little chance of surviving in a highly competitive marketplace (Clayman, Fridson, & Troughton, 2012). “Ultimately, the objective of capital budgeting is to help you make decisions that are smart for your…
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