Capital Budgeting in Reliance Capital

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CAPITAL BUDGETING AT RELIANCE CAPITAL Specialization: Finance Under the Guidance of: Submitted By: Mr. Debashish Chaudary Prarthana Bajaj Mrs. Archana Singh Nupur Singhal Utsav Goel Taruna Bhadana Arjun Bhatnagar Subhag Pratap Singh KhusHBoo Kumari…show more content…
Reliance Securities is one of India’s leading retail broking houses. Reliance Money is one of India’s leading distributors of financial products and services. Reliance Capital has a net worth of Rs. 7,902 crore (US$ 1.5 billion) and total assets of Rs. 31,488 crore (US$ 6 billion) as on December 31, 2011. Reliance Capital has interests in : Asset management. Mutual funds. Life and general insurance. Private equity and proprietary investments. Stock broking. Reliance PMS. Depository services and financial products. Consumer finance and other activities in financial services. Minor stakes Sept 2010 - Kerala Airport (15%stake),47Mn$-----------Reliance Infrastructure Sept 2010 - Trent (9% stake),4.5Mn$------------------Reliance Capital Aug 2010 - ICEX (26% stake)----------------------- Reliance Capital Apr 2010 - Pathway world (minor stake)--------Reliance Equity June 2010 -UTV Bloomberg (18% stake)--------------Reliance Capital May 2010 - Fame Cinema (15% stake)---------------Reliance Mediaworks Ltd Sept 2010 - Trinethra Infra (5% stake)------------Reliance Capital May 2007 - Network18 group (10% stake)---------------------------Reliance Capital May 2007 - TV Today group (14.02% stake)--------------------------Reliance Capital Oct 2008 - Hong Kong Mercantile (15% stake)-----------------------Reliance Capital ICEX Commodity markets regulator FMC said it has given approval to the Anil

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