Capital Equipment Leasing Strategic Human Resource Development Plan

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Capital Equipment Leasing Strategic Human Resource Development Plan

A Proposal by Tim Bowles

OMM-618 Strategic Management in Human Resources Management


Prof. Maja Zelihic

May 12, 2015

Executive Summary

As Capital Equipment Leasing continues to grow, the need to establish a more mature HR Development program that responds to the company’s needs to succeed in a fast growing market. Traditional values include optimism about the future. The contents of this report are equivalent to those of the venture/investment profession. For the ease of meaning, the terms report, study, research, etc., are used inter-changeably. What are the levels of profits realized in this type industry? Will this type venture endure the long-run market patterns? These are just examples of the many questions investors are addressing in this company’s resource development. Trials and Research have proven the benefits of investing in total programs and not isolated components, increased their workers skills and ingenuity of the people who provided the excellent equipment and customer services. Companies should invest in comprehensive approaches to improve their current and future business prospects, and these approaches must include all of the following elements. o Training and development o New technologies o Talented and Skillful workers
The organization must view the costs associated with building a new foundation for increased learning not as current…
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