Capital Equipment Leasing Strategic Human Resource Development Plan

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CEL Capital Equipment Leasing Strategic Human Resource Development Plan A Proposal by Tim Bowles OMM-618 Strategic Management in Human Resources Management Instructor Prof. Maja Zelihic May 12, 2015 Executive Summary As Capital Equipment Leasing continues to grow, the need to establish a more mature HR Development program that responds to the company’s needs to succeed in a fast growing market. Traditional values include optimism about the future. The contents of this report are equivalent to those of the venture/investment profession. For the ease of meaning, the terms report, study, research, etc., are used inter-changeably. What are the levels of profits realized in this type industry? Will this type venture…show more content…
With continuing HR strategies such as these, the knowledge and skills of the company’s employees become the company’s competitive edge. Training and Experience In this equipment leasing business, the owner-manager is the business. His or her HR development programs will determine if equipment leasing is a success, failure, or just gets by. A good strategic HR plan helps managers to align organizational goals, competencies, and the workers needs to perform they job better. Program Objectives The goal of this report is to put forth a set of strategies to assists both the Human Resource Development Department in training and promoting of leasing and sales personnel. o Identify each of the principles of office training and describe at least one in which the principle is applied in an effective training program. o Describe the essential training tasks that must be provided in the development of an office-training program. o To list the outcomes to be realized by a firm that conducts high volume sales. o Describe the methods and techniques commonly used in conducting an initial training program for high volume leasing and sales. o Identify the methods and techniques of group instruction that may be used in supervisory training and development programs. o Describe the essential characteristics of a successful promotion plan and list the factors that should be considered in promotion decisions. To increase your
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