Capital Markets and Institutions

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FINS1612 – Capital Markets and Institutions

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1. STAFF CONTACT DETAILS 2. COURSE DETAILS 2.1 Teaching Times and Locations 2.2 Units of Credit 2.3 Summary of Course 2.4 Course Aims and Relationship to Other Courses 2.5 Student Learning Outcomes 3. LEARNING AND TEACHING ACTIVITIES 3.1 Approach to Learning and Teaching in the Course 3.2 Learning Activities and Teaching Strategies 4. ASSESSMENT 4.1 Formal Requirements 4.2 Assessment Details 5. ACADEMIC HONESTY AND PLAGIARISM 6. COURSE RESOURCES 7. COURSE EVALUATION AND DEVELOPMENT 8. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES AND CONDUCT
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Describe the types of equity securities that companies can use to raise equity capital and how these securities can be listed and traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. Understand different ways in which a company’s valuation, and thus its share price, is determined and make forecasts of a company’s future share price.



FINS1612 – Capital Markets and Institutions

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Describe the characteristics of different types of debt securities and be able to price them. Describe different theories of how interest rates are determined and explain the relationship between the term to maturity, risk, and interest rates. Understand the mechanics and conventions of the foreign exchange market and the motivation of different participants in trading foreign currencies. This involves:  Reading, interpreting and transposing FX quotations.  Calculating cross-rates.  Identifying the factors that determine the value of a currency Understand the characteristics of derivatives instruments (futures and options contracts), the different motivations for their use and how they are traded. Specifically you should  Recognise which types of futures / options contracts to use to hedge various risk exposures  Appreciate the various risks involved in trading derivative instruments  Describe the factors that determine the pricing of derivative instruments. Discuss and write about the links between the theory of financial markets and
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