Capital One Case Study Essay

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Capital One Case Study Read the Capital One Case materials. 1. What is Capital One’s business and who are their competitors? Capital One's business deals with a bank financial servicing company. They specialize specifically in banking, credit cards, home loans, auto loans and savings products. Capital One was founded by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris in 1988. Fairbank highly focused on the marketing and customization of credit card use and information. The company is very analytical and is very technological when gathering data information. They were basically put together centering around the idea of technology within the company itself. Some of their direct competitors would be against Bank Of America, American Express and…show more content…
This was a success and was a high profit for capital one. This lead to their improvement of customer relationships since they had vast information of them and had technology that could easily access and identify their customers through a digital fingerprint. This company focuses on personal information from their customer base to make decisions and access which one of them will be able to pay them back after a loan. One of the ways capital one has access this information is through the post office's file and other checking agencies as well. Capital one basically takes information from any pertinent source that can provide then with reliable data. 4. List and describe the information technologies used to support their strategy? Information-based strategy - company focuses on high credit risk\low credit risk - this helps them comprehend their customer's data and to make sure that their choices are made with those people who are actually going to pay them back - their information-based system collects and analyzes the information which helps them market to their customers as it attracts various aspects of customer's needs Data Warehouse & Mining Infrastructure - this is to support their information based system while having shared communication between different branches - Their offices in UK and US can have clearly make accurate decisions since
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