Capital One Financial Corporation: Financial Overview

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Capital One Financial Corporation Company Overview Capital One is a financial services company based in Mclean, VA. The company operates primarily as a banking network with over one thousand branches throughout the United States. Its more than 30,000 employees also serve customers in Canada and the United Kingdom, as they are one of the largest issuers Visa and MasterCard credit cards, auto financing, home loans, and online and direct banking through subsidiary ING Direct ("Capital One," 2012). Since its inception in 1993, this company has grown into one of the largest financial institutions in the world, providing commercial and consumer loans, as well as treasury management and depository services. Capital One has over $15 billion in revenue and a market cap of over $35 billion ("Key Statistics," 2012). That is enough revenue to qualify it as the 148th largest company according to Fortune's listing of the top 500 companies in 2012 ("Capital One," 2012). Competitive Overview The financial services industry is extremely competitive and Capital One competes directly with major companies in the two distinct areas of credit services and investment banking sales. Major competitors for credit services include American Express, Bank of America, and Discover Financial Services. The average revenue of the industry is $42.89 million while the average market cap is just $125.9 million. While Capital one easily exceeds these amounts with revenues of $15 billion and market cap
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