Capital One's Competitive Advantages

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Capital One is a banking company that is focused on credit cards and consumer loans. The company also has some minor international operations in Canada and the UK, primarily in the credit card business. The company breaks down its business as follows. Credit cards are the major source of income, accounting for $10.4 billion in revenue, or 64% of the total revenue for the company. Consumer banking accounts for 31% of the revenue, commercial banking a further 10% of the revenue, and the company has negative revenue on "other" businesses. The credit card business is the most profitable, generating $2.277 billion in profit, or 70% of the company's total net income. Consumer banking accounted for 25% of total net income, while commercial banking accounted for 16% of total net income. The company has recently made moves to build its retail banking business and its credit card business. In 2012, Capital One completed the purchase of ING Direct USA, a deal that added $80 billion in deposits to the company's balance sheet. It then added HSBC's US credit card business. This move added $28 billion worth of credit card assets to the company's portfolio. These acquisitions were substantial in nature - $9 billion for ING and $31.3 billion for HSBC (No author, 2012). They indicate that the primary focus for growth at Capital One is to build on its core businesses. Such expansion of its two largest businesses indicates that Capital One is more interested in focus there than in expanding

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