Capital One's Organizational Structure

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“At capital One, diversity means seeking out and embracing differences for the richness those differences add to our lives and to our business.” ( A company that opens it business to diversity has the ability to value human differences, and in return acquire beneficial relationships. Capital One has partnered with MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprises) and the relationship is yielding a positive reaction in terms of the communities that house Capital One and in the corporate world. Because Capital One is an information based company there diversity plan is also well thought and proven. The diversity plan includes targeted recruitment, development and…show more content…
The nodes on the bottom row represent sub-organizations, while the top two rows are individuals. (Organizational Hierarchy, page 1 para. 3) Old organizational models still exist in the real world where total control is a complete requirement. These old organizational models mainly used in government and military and sometimes transplanted to the non-military public companies and would work to a certain extent, but they have great limiting effect on promoting and evolving people. The transformed organizational model is quite different and the operating process is quite different. Figure below gives us insight into why interconnecting the stovepipes is a better option. We redisplay the organization in 'link patterns' and we see a totally new perspective. By adding the horizontal ties we have transformed a simple hierarchy into an interconnected group. Recent research by psychologist Patrick Laughlin of the University of Illinois shows that groups outperform even the best individuals in decision making. Intelligence information is rarely clear or complete -- a key reason for having many perspectives and diverse experiences for cross-pollination and sense-making. (Organizational Hierarchy, page 1 para. 10) This considered being a transformed organizational model has catapulted companies into a company that is
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