Capital Ownership Via Capitalism Is The Best Socio Economic System

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We delude ourselves into thinking that we live in the ideal society, that property ownership via capitalism is the best socio-economic system that we have available. This system of having businesses owned by private individuals places profit as society’s central motivator. Profit being the primary incentive has proven, especially within recent times, to elicit detrimental consequences. Environmental viability takes a back seat to capital gain.
Examples of ecological negligence are ubiquitous throughout our world; non-biodegradable materials such as Styrofoam and plastics are used in place of more traditional, environmentally conscience ones, such as paper or metal, due to their lower cost. Carbon emissions aren’t a concern since converting to sustainable energy for a business would be an incurred cost with no monetary benefits. The only problems that capitalism will solve are those possessing a potential for increasing profit, thus causing societal priorities to become misguided. As a result, trash in the discounted oceans continues to accumulate; while concurrently, elderly men are fully capable of achieving an erection with the simple purchase of a little blue pill. Placing income accumulation above more altruistic virtues has led to the reinforcement of traditionally undesirable characteristics such as greed. “Greed is good”. That’s what Michael Douglas’s character in the movie Wall Street believes, but is greed truly good? Phyllis Tickle, an American author and…
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