Capital Punish Relating to The Old Testament Essay

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Why do some christians agree with the capital punishment? Some Christians feel that the Bible has spoken to the conflict, but many believe that the New Testament replaces the Old Testament law. Skimming through the Old Testament you can find many cases in which God orders the use of capital punishment, with the acts of God Himself. God was somehow involved directly or maybe indirectly, in the taking of life as a punishment for Israel or whomever threatened or harm the city of Israel. In Genesis 6-8, when it speaks about Noah and the flood . "Understand that I am bringing a deluge flood waters on the earth to destroy all flesh under heaven with the breath of life in it; Everything on earth will die (Genesis 7:17)." God killed all…show more content…
Murder was first. In Exodus chapter 21, God had commanded capital punishment for murderers. A planned murder or what the Old Testament described was punishable by death. The second offense punishable by death was involved with magic or any magical beliefs considering that it is demonic. This offense included enchantment, divining, believing in false gods, and sacrificing false gods. The third offense, capital punishment was to be used against criminals of sins sexually such as rape, incest, or homosexual wrongdoings which are against the bible. (Exod. 22; Lev. 20, Deut 18-19). Richey 3 This Old Testament which is a rule by God, such as capital punishment was expanding beyond murder to conceal such diverse offenses. While the death penalty for these offenses were limited to this exemption of revelation, and in Genesis 9:6, the principle is not connected to the theocracy. However, Lex Talionis is certainly tied to the creation command. Capital punishment is suitable to the virtue of life. Before we skim through the New Testament, we can find this principle that introduces the Old Testament law code. Why might some christians believe that capital punishment does not apply to the New Testament and church age? First and foremost, we need to recognize that God gave the principle of capital punishment before the establishment of the old testament law code. In Genesis 9:6, we have read that

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