Capital Punishment : A Controversial Issue

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Capital punishment has been a controversial issue that still exists in America today. Capital punishment is a law passed by the government to punish any individual that has been convicted of committed a heinous crime. The death penalty has been a method used throughout history as punishment for criminals. The punishment also known as the death penalty is a scheduled execution, which would be done with lethal injection. The reason why this punishment is chosen is because when crimes are committed that shock the conscience, the immediate emotional reaction is to retaliate with severe punishment (Schnurbush 2016). The death penalty is debated when it is brought up, opinions vary from one group of people to another, one side says the execution is murder, and the other saying that it is justice being done. Each side presents valid arguments to why people should be for it or against it; people’s opinions are formed by personal beliefs.
The pros for the death penalty are convicting are those with serious crimes such as torture rape and murder. Capital punishment over time has become more humane because it was done by injections instead of methods used in the past. Capital punishment is the only way to stop crimes. It is believed that the threat of capital punishment reduces violent crimes. Executing convicted murders, save society money instead of keeping them in jail. The death penalty is a just and proper way of handling convicted murderers. Family’s that have lost a loved one…
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