Capital Punishment : A Controversial Topic

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Iris I. Castillo
Professor McGowan
ENC 1101 CRN 31446
27 July 2014
Abolishing Capital Punishment in United States The capital punishment is a controversial topic that has been unresolvable for years in the United States. The heated debate over capital punishment has been divisive between groups that support the practice and others that condemn it. Currently about 70% of Americans support the death penalty, but do they know the realities of the death penalty? Capital punishment has been in existence for centuries, marked by many historical events (Henderson 7). It is a derivative of slavery, lynching and racial discrimination which have been, “the darkest aspect of the American history” (Bright 152). The death penalty is not implemented in every killing; it is only executed in 1% of all murder cases (Bright 153). Capital punishment should be abolished because it is a violation to human rights, it is inflicted arbitrarily, and unfair when innocent people were mistakenly punished at times. Although many believe the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for criminals, it is actually degrading to the society partaking in the same animalistic behavior that the delinquents did. The death penalty is a denial to human rights because it violates the right to life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Right that was adopted in 1948 by the United Nations. The declaration proclaims, “The rights of every individual to protection from deprivation of life” [and] “no…
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