Capital Punishment : A Form Of Discipline

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What is capital punishment? Capital punishment is legally killing someone because of the crime they have committed as a form of discipline. Death penalty laws were established back in the 18th Century B.C. In the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon it ordered the death penalty for about 25 different crimes and in the Seventh Century B.C.’s Draconian Code of Athens made the death penalty the punishment for all crimes. The death sentences were executed in many forms such as lethal injection, gas chamber, electrocution, hanging gas, firing squad and many more to name. The most common type of execution is hanging and the least common is electrocution. The types of executions vary in different countries and states. For example, hanging is used in the United States, Afghanistan, Jamaica, Delaware and Washington. Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Utah all use the firing squad as their form of execution. In states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania lethal injection is the primary method of execution opposed to Virginia who gives prisoners the option to choose between lethal injection or execution.
Capital punishment has always been an intense debate in the United States. It’s been questioned whether the death penalty is unconstitutional. It’s being portrayed as “cruel and unusual punishment” which violates The Eight Amendment rights in the United States Constitution. It is cruel in the way it lets people know that if you commit murder than you may be murdered also by the government.…
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