Capital Punishment : A Prosperous And Amazing Journey For The Development And Advancements Of The Human Race

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In the perils of what is a prosperous and incredible journey for the development and advancements of the human race, we are pushed back by the evil actions of some individuals who believe their objections to society outweigh the necessary benevolence. Stretching to the early years of Ancient China, highly regarded to be far surpassing the standards of the era, The Zhou, Qin, and Han dynasties all demonstrated the need for a death penalty to expunge the evil from their land. Established in the Roman 12 Tablets, contested as one of the greatest pieces of law from its time, validated the death penalty on the concept that a nation needed to be pure and as humanely guided as possible. The concept of capital punishment, although highly…show more content…
During the French Revolution when Robespierre rose to power, conspirators against the revolution were guillotined in an audience of their peers. Burning at the stake was a popular way of execution for those accused of witchcraft throughout the 16th to 19th century in Europe. Crucifixion, exemplified by one of the most famous deaths in the history of the world, Jesus Christ, was used as a standard to show the repercussions of heresy. Throughout the ages, capital punishment has been justified because of how detrimental a crime can be when committed against the state. There are currently three things in United States you can receive the death penalty for: rape, murder, and espionage/treason. Treason is constantly seen as one of the biggest crimes that can be committed, due to the danger you put the nation under. When you commit such an intense crime, there has to be a just as intense punishment. The moral order equilibrium states that is someone is capable of taking lives of innocent victims, then the government shall be capable of taking that perpetrators life.
Nations can do without the death penalty for heinous crimes committed. The actions of taking a person’s life due to their crimes casts a significant burden upon the person responsible for the convict to meet their maker. Applying the death penalty to someone that stole innocent lives is not justified, one death does not bring back the lives of those already lost. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”
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