Capital Punishment : A Today 's Society

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Capital Punishment: I. Introduction (in favor) A. Most of today’s society lives by the motto, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, yet question the morality of death sentence. B. The death penalty supports Utilitarianism, helps the economy, and was first instituted by god himself. II. Points A. Article #1 ( Justice is Served with the Death Penalty) 1. The greatest good for the greatest amount of people. 2. Prisons are full. 3. Defendants focus on racism and minorities not overall. 4. Murders respond to the objective risk of execution. 5. Justified in a lot of cases. B. Article #2 (The Death Penalty Does Not Violate the U.S Constitution) 1. The risk of error is not greater in Capital Cases. 2. The 5th Amendment. 3. Act of April 30,…show more content…
3. Both testaments support the death penalty B. Counterpoint Article #2 1. accepted by framers. 2.8th amendment was ratified. 3. Fourteenth amendment was ratified. V. Conclusion A. The death penalty is a necessary procedure in a society or rising crime, terrorism, insanity and abuse. 1. Utilitarianism. 2. Helps the economy. 3. Instituted by god himself. B. The death penalty satisfies the biblical principle of "An eye for an eye", and is as close to justice for murder victims as one can get. Capital Punishment: Most of today’s society lives by the motto, “ an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”, yet dare to question the morality behind death sentence. Capital punishment has been around for decades and in time has significantly decreased since 1997. With crime rates going up and a country in recession, insanity has become the new mode, individuals are willing to perform outrageous act to support and provide for themselves as well as their love ones. Kids steal and run from authority to put bread on the table for their family, and when an individual is shot, huge protest like the one in Ferguson explode. Who is there to blame when cops are doing their job and corrupted society is no longer seen as a problem to others. While some may argue that there are no justifications for death penalty, ever, it is justified in a lot of cases since it supports
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