Capital Punishment : A Way Of Maintaining Law And Order

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Capital punishment is one of the most controversial topics, especially in today’s democratic world. Different people take different approaches to the matter and so do different countries as some still do implement capital punishment as a way of maintaining law and order in the societies. The different approaches into the matter are highly influenced by several societal divisions such as a religious affiliation, political affiliation, the level of education and the age of a person. However, every person has got his or her approach to the matter. In order to analyze the approaches of different people then, it is necessary to take a survey that will focus on several questions related to the approach on the death penalty. The questions include: Do you think death penalties are ethical? Do you think the death penalty is a good approach to stop crime? Do you think that the death penalty is appropriate for most crimes involving intentional and premeditated murder? For which crimes do you think that the death penalty must implement? Do you think the death penalty now or in the past has been implemented in any discriminatory manner? Why do you think the amnesty international opposes the death penalty? Do you think through the opposition of the death penalty the human activists deny the victims of violent crime their right? Do you think the death penalty is used by governments or legal institutions to suppress uncooperative voices? What is your take on the
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