Capital Punishment: A personal Point of View Essay

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Capital Punishment: Argumentation Essay

     The death penalty is a controversial issue to discuss. There are some who believe that the crime should fit the punishment. There are also many people who oppose the death penalty. They believe that life imprisonment without the possibility of parole is a just punishment. I am strongly opposed to the death penalty for many different reasons both moral and ethical.
     My strongest reason for opposing the death penalty is a moral one. In the Bible, the first commandment clearly states, ¡°thou shall not kill.¡± The commandment does not have any exceptions to the rule and should be followed. Killing someone for a harsh crime such as murder
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Both maxims simply imply that murderers deserve to die.
We, as a society, are not perfect. Many innocent people are falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. Many people make mistakes. In a capital punishment, case there is and should never be any room for mistakes because someone¡¯s life is at risk. A twenty-three year long study released on June 12, 2000 states that two- thirds of all capital punishment cases did contain flaws. Flaws so serious as to warrant a retrial. The study also renewed calls for review, or total abolition of the death penalty, which is on a state-by-state basis. The study also stated that cases returned for mew trials that only seven percent were found not guilty, while ninety three percent of those tried were convicted again, with many receiving lighter sentences. Less than twenty percent received the death penalty the second time. Even though ninety three percent where still re-convicted there was still that seven percent who was found not guilty. If these seven percent had had a second chance by retrial, they would have been innocent people put to death. Can our society bear to know they would have put innocent people to death on its conscience?
Other studies show more than four thousand death penalty appeals from 1973 to 1995 and found that the state or federal court overturned either the conviction or the imposition of the death sentence in sixty three percent of the cases. ¡°What we found is it¡¯s not just one case, it¡¯s not just
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