Capital Punishment: An Overview

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While there are those who feel that the role capital punishment plays in the preservation of order cannot be overstated, others continue to push for the abolition of the same calling it unjust. I am however convinced that from a critical point of view, capital punishment remains an important part of the justice system.
Capital Punishment: An Overview Capital punishment in most jurisdictions is regarded a legal process where a competent court awards death sentence to an individual found guilty of committing a capital offense. According to Bergman and Berman (2011), "federal criminal courts authorize capital punishment for those convicted of more than 40 different kinds of crimes"¦" These crimes according to the authors include but they are not limited to drug trafficking, aggravated murder and treason. Capital punishment also remains a possibility in quite a number of states for similar crimes as the ones highlighted above.
In Support of Capital Punishment To begin with, capital punishment continues to be seen "as a strong deterrent for serious crimes" (Siegel and Senna, 2007). The argument in this case is that the more…
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