Capital Punishment : An Ultimate Torture Method

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Capital punishment has been used as a penalty for criminal behavior for many years; however, its’ utilization has not been constant throughout American history. The basis of capital punishment has undergone a number of changes and improvements in the past, essentially alternating in and out of public favor. At its’ start, capital punishment was ultimately used as a means of torture. Criminals were bludgeoned, boiled, burned, torn apart by animals, etc.—it was an ultimate torture method. Throughout the advancement of capital punishment, many legislators eliminated the use of death penalty as sanction for certain crimes, thus promoting the idea that a punishment should fit the crime to which it is being applied. In this regard, a number of pros and cons have been established in essence of the death penalty. Likewise, each of the U.S. states have developed respective laws pertaining to the use of capital punishment. The state of Texas, in particular, is one that sanctions capital punishment as a legal penalty for certain crimes. Today, there is only one classification of crime that is punishable by death in the United States—capital murder. “Capital murder is usually defined so as to include murders that are premeditated, or murders where the victim was completely blameless and was killed mainly because he or she got in the way of planned criminal activity, or was a witness to a crime” (Carson). Each state determines which murder crimes are considered to be capital murder…
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