Capital Punishment And Capital Involvement

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Capital punishment is an individual punishment to death for committing a crime. The history of capital punishment fluctuates worldwide, between different governments and beliefs. The current issue of capital punishment is taking lives without having a reliable reason to take them to the death penalty. One large and main issue is that capital punishment breaches, or breaks two essential human rights, which are the rights to life, and rights to living free of torture. This is a huge issue because an individual should not be able to surpass any conditions when the operations of the executions go against human rights. Another opposition of capital punishment is that many countries are sided with the penalties, however, the citizens of the country may think differently dependant on their religions and beliefs. The opposition between the government and the population in the country is another large issue because the diverse opinion only makes matters worse. Though many countries remain to argue that the punishments are beneficial, terminating the legal penalty would save thousands of lives. Discontinuing the penalties would benefit the whole world by cutting the large amount of taxes just for individual deaths, and the new adjustment would save lives from false reasons, and misunderstandings.
UN Involvement: The main participant into capital punishment is the OHCHR or the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The committee is helping with the global issue by having
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