Capital Punishment And Its Effect On Society

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Capital punishment is something almost everyone knows about, it is something that people see on television, the news, and for some people it is the new chapter to the end of their lives. The death penalty has been around for centuries hoping to deter people from a life of crime, although it is favored by many the support for this age old practice is slowly declining. Capital punishment has been the topic for many debates nationwide with everyone having their own views and opinions. Many states have passed bills or are currently in the process of passing them hoping to take this cruel punishment out of effect. The abolishment of this modern day revenge is something that needs to be a reality in years to come for many death row inmates.
At first glance the death penalty seems like it could be a benefit to society that it rids the streets of the ones that should not be there, or that the government is serving justice. Once you think about it you realize that this is not really the case. For centuries many people have been punished by being put to death, morally this is not the right thing to do. We are all human and make mistakes, just because someone did something horrific that does not give another person the right to take their life. In Tennessee there is a law known as the Non-livestock Animal Humane Death Act, it states that “a nonlivestock animal may be tranquilized with an approved and humane substance before euthanasia is preformed” (Brauchli 59). The law then states
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