Capital Punishment And Its Effect On Society

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Capital Punishment
Does capital punishment have a role in civilized society? No I don 't think it does for two reasons for firstly because if you regard the taking of a human life by somebody the crime of murder is so serious as it is the idea that you can kill somebody yourself I think that is just completely wrong. Due to that we will strive to make the criminal justice system as accurate as possible to make sure that the person who is convicted pulse is really the guilty person on time sometimes the criminal system gets it wrong and if you 've had capital punishment you can never put that right. Which is why I am against Capital punishment. In President Obama 's refusal to intervene, I am totally against his refusal. For example, the
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Any of those punishments does not/ has not change society and the numbers of people being killed.

 I understand, that many people may view this debate as a total different perspective. In the sense when we have a criminal justice system that continuously fails in this country and where we have seen murders, rapist, and people that have committed horrific crimes. Going into prison released from prison and release back to the communities and societies, do the same crime over again basically getting away with murder. Current event example, Arron Hernandez A formal football player who previously some years ago was convicted with two murders. Arron Hernandez won the case and released from prison. Arron Hernandez, years later convicted the same crime and killed another human being. Hernandez was sent back to prison for the same crime this time he was sentence for life in prison. He obviously did not learn from the first situation, would you let him back to prison and found himself under the law of capital punishment. I understand there 's not enough deterrent in this country for criminals and it 's not fair for those who are affected by those who are criminals. I understand, that these criminals choose to commit these crimes no one is forced to do anything in life however these act of crimes or what you do with your free will. Possible to believe we need these principles however, we need to have to deterrent
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