Capital Punishment And Its Effects On Society

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With all wrongdoing there must be a penalty for the consequences which forms the basis of the term of ‘punishment’.28 Human societies have been heavily characterized for having the view that wrongdoers should suffer a more or less immediate punishment for their bad deeds, therefore the more serious the offense, the more extreme the punishment.28

Capital Punishment is the process through which a person is put to death that is legally authorized by the state in retribution for a crime.28 The use of capital punishment is only permitted to a state; therefore non-state organizations cannot execute a person as this will be murder, as they do not have legal power to take such a drastic action.19 Capital punishment is only authorized for capital offences, notably murder.22 However, in some countries it is used as punishment for less severe crimes.28 Overtime, the meaning of the term capital has altered in connection to punishment. The term originates from the Latin word capitalis, referring to execution by beheading.28 However as centuries have gone by, countries that retain capital punishment have varied the types of punishment utilized e.g. lethal injection and electrocution.22

Inevitably, capital punishment is profoundly observed as having been an inviolable part of human society; and for centuries is contemplated as a mandatory procedure of deterrence to dangerous crimes and a way to extricate the community from dangerous criminals.66 In the past, capital punishment has been…
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