Capital Punishment And Its Origin

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Understanding Capital Punishment
Quamere Rooks
Saint Leo University

Capital punishment, or the death penalty, has existed in many societies for as long as one can remember. This form of discipline is enforced on those individuals who display the most unfathomable criminal behavior against other fellow beings. In recent years, there has been great controversy over the necessity of methods such as this, and whether this form of inhumane discipline is justified. Some would agree that it is the correct way to punish severe acts of crime. Others would argue that murder is a crime, not a punishment, regardless of the act being committed by the justice system or the regular civilian. In this paper, I will be addressing some of the issues surrounding capital punishment. There will be a brief description of what capital punishment is and its origin. I will also be observing the effects that this disciplinary method has on the deterrence of crime, to distinguish the success of this method compared with those less severe. I conclude that the death penalty is not humane, nor necessary, to inflict on any individual, considering the risks.

Understanding Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment has existed as far back as the Ancient Laws of China, but the first documented execution carried out in the English American colonies, dates to 1608 (Reggio, 1997). Officials executed a man named George Kendall, of Virginia, for supposedly plotting to betray
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