Capital Punishment And Its Social Implications

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The Use of Capital Punishment to Serve Justice, and its Social Implications
Chloe E. Stone,
Slippery Rock University

This paper will provide the reader with a firm understanding of the capital punishment, and its application in the justice system. Additionally, it will explain how capital punishment in the fields of criminal justice and criminology impacts society, and those who surround these fields. Multiple publications that examine capital punishment will be analyzed, and the research within them will be used to explain the social implications of its practice, and the methods of capital punishment used in The United State. Furthermore, the history of capital punishment, and various perceptions held by the public about its use will be provided. Keywords: Capital punishment, death penalty, criminal justice

The Use of Capital Punishment to Serve Justice, and its Social Implications

What is Capital Punishment?
Capital punishment is a practice in which prisoners are executed in accordance with judicial practice when they are convicted of committing what is known as a “capital crime.” Capital crimes are crimes deemed so heinous that they should be punishable by death. People may also use the term “death penalty” to refer to capital punishment. Worldwide, this practice is extremely controversial, with a variety of concerns ranging from human rights to economic efficiency being raised in discussions about this type of punishment.…
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