Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment, death by execution, or the death penalty is a government sanctioned punishment. Crimes that result in the death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offences. Today the death penalty is viewed quite different throughout different countries and states. But is the death penalty worth it by all means? If a person is already aware of the possible outcomes for committing a crime, is that going to stop them? Usually once a course of action has so much time spent planning it, there is no turning back. If they are willing to take such a high risk for something that seems rewarding to them, these criminals will not care about what comes after because they do not intend on getting caught. First reason why the United States should drop the death penalty is the costs in keeping that prisoner and the case prices. Cases that do not involve the death penalty cost on average seven hundred and fifty thousand. Cases that involve the death penalty cost upwards of one million dollars. But the extra costs don’t stop there, each person inducted onto death row costs tax payers an extra ninety thousand dollars a year. Just think, all that extra money that is wasted on the execution could be given to the victim’s family to help pay for the funeral and future expenses. While that money will not bring back their loved one, it can ease some of the problems after. The second reason for dropping the death penalty is crime rates throughout the United States. The thought of…
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