Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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Capital Punishment, in other words, is another way referring to the death penalty. Since 1997 the death penalty was reinstated and is now currently used by thirty-one states. The death penalty has always been a controversial topic in the United States for several reasons. The argument is split between those who believe it should be kept as a form of punishment in our criminal justice system and then there are others who believe it should be banned as a possible form of punishment. Capital punishment is simply another way of referring to the death penalty. Many questions rise when it comes to capital punishment this is why it is such a controversial topic. Questions such as if it deters crime and if it’s considered a cruel and unusual…show more content…
Some statistics have shown that “one in eight people executed, they’ve found that at least one was convicted wrongfully” ( Cassell). This is evidence that mistakes have been made in capital punishment cases and it is wrong for someone innocent to pay the price of death. Those who are in agreement with death penalty will most likely argue that rape, murder, kidnapping or torture are all reasonable crimes which must be paid for. On the opposite side some people believe and live by the words and eye for an eye. People on the opposing side believe these criminals should pay with their lives as they had no consideration for the people they were harming. The constitution has also recognized the severity of this sentence. The constitution states that death is a cruel and unusual punishment that should be prohibited. The eighth amendment clearly states there should be no cruel and unusual punishment, “in the Ferguson vs. Georgia case the court deemed the punishment in violation of the eighth amendment, it also discriminated against minorities” (Cassell).On the opposition side people argue that we are living in a new age were capital punishment has come up with more humane way when carried out however this bring me to my next point that this is costly. Capital punishment had been deemed a cruel and unusual punished some states have figured a way to carry it out in a more humane
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