Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment is an issue that has been continuously debated for the past few decades and will keep on being discussed and argued about for a long time to come. Capital punishment is the act of executing somebody as punishment for committing a particular felony and crime after being served a lawful legal trial. Executions can only be utilized by a state, and if used by non-state organizations it is considered as committing a murder.
Capital punishment, which is also known as the death penalty, has a long history going back to the sixteenth Century BC. In the sixteenth Century BC Egypt, a death penalty was requested for parts of honorability, who were charged with an offense of using sorcery and magic. They were commanded to seize their own life with their own hands. The non-honorable were traditionally slaughtered with an ax. During the eighteenth Century BC, Babylonian King Hammurabi had a law that determined capital punishment for twenty-five distinct criminal acts, despite the fact of that; murder was not one of them (Kari Sable, Death Penalty, Capital punishment has been around since the time of all prophets of the three Abrahamic faiths including Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon them all). Therefore capital punishment is affirmed and confirmed in all three Abrahamic religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Since capital punishment is a hotly debated issue and is considered as one of the most controversial laws
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