Capital Punishment : Death Penalty

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Capital punishment (death penalty) is one of the most critical issue that has strong defenders and opponents and it have caused more heated arguments and discussions as consistent and strong as that of the argument . This kind of punishment is the most severe form in the U.S. todays and it has different type which lethal injection is the most common (“Ethics and Law”). Also, many religious arguments have conflict in both side of death penalty in justice and the sanctity of human life (Fagon) . All of these different views and debates on the death penalty caused this issue has become a complex and critical issue in the United States in recent years. also, this issue has been involved with concerns, such as the position of physicians in assisting in executions, and the likelihood of reform, equality of the criminal justice system, and improvement and rehabilitation amid individuals currently serving on death row. Make a decision on capital punishment is so complex and difficult for the federal government. Each side of defenders and opponents have their strong reasons. On the on e hand, offenders believe fear of death prevent people from committing crim. Also, they mention on the Violence Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 which stablished constitutional procedure for the imposition
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