Capital Punishment : Death Penalty

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Capital Punishment, also known as Death Penalty, has been established as punishment for crime, since the Chinese Ancient Laws. In the 18th Century BC, King Hammurabi of Babylon was sentenced to the death penalty for twenty-five different crimes. In the 14th Century BC, the Hittite tribe also demonstrated an act of execution; which we now call the death penalty or capital punishment. In Britain, hanging from the gallows was a method of punishment. Many years ago the death penalty was a punishment for crimes such as a runaway slave, perjury, helping a runaway slave and a wife being unfaithful to her spouse. The number of capital offenses continued to increase by the 1700’s. Two hundred and twenty-two crimes led to the sentence of death, which were counterfeiting tax stamps, cutting a tree down, and stealing the amount of forty shillings from a house, in addition to many others. In 1823 most of the laws that led to the punishment of death was eliminated. Several capital punishments were prohibited throughout the 19th and 20th centuries in Britain and Europe. They were America’s greatest influence on the upbringing of the death penalty. European settlers traveled to America, bringing their beliefs and practices with them. Today, only a couple of European countries continue to practice the death penalty.
In America, capital punishment is only legal in thirty-two states; some of those states are North Carolina, California, Virginia, Utah, South Dakota and Georgia, just to name…
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