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Capital Punishment Debate Is Capital Punishment, otherwise known as the Death Penalty, a disgraceful and unjust way to kill a fellow Human being? Or is it a justifiable way to punish someone in a modern day society? Some nations use the Death Penalty as their most severe punishment. Capital Punishment is one of the most debated issues in current day life. Is it acceptable or not? Many politicians have put their arguments across highlighting both their benefits and drawbacks. In the past people in Britain were often executed by hanging or by having their heads severed. But nowadays very few countries allow the Death Penalty. In fact, it follows the abolition of the death penalty for…show more content…
Less than one century later, Parliament voted to suspend for five years the death penalty for murder, when it passed Sidney Silverman's private members bill in 1965. A Conservative vote in 1938 called for legislation to halt hanging for a period of five-years. It never lasted; and due to the beginning of World War Two it was postponed. In 1957 the compromise legislation - The Homicide Act - followed by a public flare-up over the hanging of the following three individuals: Timothy Evans in 1950, Derek Bentley and Ruth Ellis, the last women to be a victim of the Death Penalty in 1955. The Homicide Act created a number of anomalies: They found theft a punishable crime, whereas rape was over looked, placing property in a higher position than human welfare. Due to these anomalies the use of Capital Punishment declined. There were only two convictions in each year of: 1962; 1963; and 1964. The last capital punishment conviction that took place in Britain was of two young people: Peter Anthony Allen, aged 21 and Gwynne Owen Evans, aged 24. They both were accused on killing John Alan West, a milkman. The Death Penalty was completely abolished after another vote in the House of Commons, which led to an eradication of the Death Penalty. Since the death penalty was truly abolished, there have been 13 attempts to bring back the death penalty for various categories of

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