Capital Punishment Essay: Death Penalty Should Be Reconsidered

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Death Penalty Should Be Reconsidered

The Death Penalty is among one of the major punishments given by the United States Department of Justice. The following facts were given by the Office of Justice Program, Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the United States Department of Justice themselves. During the year of 1995, Texas was the leading state with nineteen executions. This is about thirty-four percent of the executions in the United States. Also in that year, out of 56 persons who were executed, there were 33 white, 22 black, and one Asian. The persons executed were under sentence of death an average of eleven years and two months. Thirty-four states and the Federal prison system held 3,054 prisoners under sentence of death. …show more content…

Herman entered the death chamber with the bandages, visible above the collar of his blue shirt.

Mr. Herman was condemned for the murder of 21-year-old Jennifer Burns. He critically shot two other people and left them seriously wounded at a topless bar in Arlington. Clay Griffin, who was shot in the head and arm, and Fogle , shot in the jaw, survived to testify against him. Herman, a former manager of the club, bound Fogleís hands with a wire coat hanger and ordered her to lie face down next to Griffin. Then he told Burns to place $11,200 in a canvas bag and ordered her to undress. After trying to sexually assault Burns, he became enraged, threw her to the floor and shot all three, killing Burns.

Herman did commit murder. Even if Herman committed suicide instead of being given the injections, he is still dying. Why would the US Department of Justice give him stitches and kill him thirty-eight hours later? This is a question of whether the capital punishments have been administered properly. Illinois has plenty of evidence that capital punishment is not being administered properly. They have seen a rash of cases in which inmates sentenced to death have not only had their convictions overturned but have been fully exonerated. The State became uncomfortably close to executing innocent men. Other states have actually put people to death despite having doubts about their guilt.

The families of both

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