Capital Punishment Essay: Match Death with Death

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We Must Match Death with Death


For anyone living in Texas, it is common to hear about convicted criminals being sentenced to death. Is justice being served? When someone has committed a heinous murder, justice must prevail. But that ideal becomes harder to achieve as we scale the moral high ground and look all around, from behind the jail cell bars to the crushed life of the murdered victim.

The following essay will focus on the proportionality of the death sentence as a form of punishment.



First of all, if there were no persons in the world, only things, there would be no values. There are values in the world only because there are persons: people who have not only desires , but also rationality and
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Next, we must determine whether or not the death sentence is proportional to murder. To ease the flow of analysis, lets assume that it is a particularly violent and awful murder so that we can center our argumentation on the value we place on the life or the criminal and not on desert. Lets say that punishment is the only course we are going to take and the choice is between a life sentence and a death sentence. Do we value life, in the general sense, so highly that we will not kill the murderer? Those in support of a life sentence argue that life is the most valuable thing and that no court or jury can decide to end one, no matter how horrible a life it is that they are ending. On the other hand, we highlight the value of the victim when we end the life of the murderer. By taking a life, the criminal forfeits his own life. To allow him to live would be hypocritical. It could also demonstrate that the life of the victim was not valuable enough for us to seek a punishment that would take as much from the criminal as they took from the victim. Permanence is the key trait of death that makes the punishment of a murder so difficult. The murderer has taken something that cannot be given back by any means imaginable. It certainly cannot be paid back through monetary means. Moreover, it seems like no matter how many years are served in jail, the person who was murdered cannot be repaid. From this analysis it looks like the death sentence is
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