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Capital Punishment
He is escorted down to a room with handcuffs on both arms and feet. The tension in the room causes nervousness and a stirring in his stomach, which entombs his dinner from the night before. He is told to take a seat. Still in doubt of his fate he notices the witnesses and their various expressions. His family is grief-stricken, a sharp contrast to the family of the brutally murdered, for which he was found guilty of. If only they knew what he knew; for they would not be strapping him into the chair, soaking a sponge, and placing it on top of his head along with the metal skullcap. If they knew the truth there would be someone in his place today. But alas, the
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However, in the long run at $34,200/yr for the average cell, for 50 years, (TIME Magazine 2/7/94) along with a 2% annual cost increase, and an additional $75,000 for trial and appeals the cost of sentencing life without parole comes out to approximately $3million. Where as a maximum security cell runs $60,000/yr, needed for say 6 years (on death row), a 2% annual cost increase, plus $1.5 million for the trial and appeals, still come out under $2million. With higher annual cost increases a LWOP case can cost up to $3million more than a death penalty case. So although the initial capital punishment trial may cost more, in the long run it is a cheaper alternative. (Pro Death Penalty)
A study performed by Isaac Ehrlich, published in 1976, “…eight murders are deterred for each execution that is carried out in the U.S.A. If one execution of a guilty capital murderer deters the murder of one innocent life, the execution is justified.” Ehrlich and other supporters feel saving one life is worth the execution of the guilty, and

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