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In my opinion the Retributivist approach to Capital Punishment is the more appropriate view. The Retributivist believes that evil done with a vengeance should be repaid with punishment in-kind. In order to protect society and prevent crime, the death penalty has to be the most severe form of punishment with the biggest impact on society. Persons who commit murder should suffer and be punished for their inexcusable action(s). The principles of retributivism suggest that a convicted murderer should be executed because they “deserve” and “have earned” the death sentence. The right of retaliation can only be made equal by balancing of the crime with the punishment even if it is the death penalty. Those opposed to the death penalty argue that …show more content…
If punishment can be shown to promote effectively in the interest of society it is justifiable, otherwise it is not.

Utilitarian     Retributivist
Maximize social benefit (maximize the benefit, minimize the harms)     The offender should experience the exact injustice inflicted
Focuses upon the goal of punishment in each individual case     Offender deserves to experience the suffering or suffering inflicted by the criminal act
Punishment is morally best which produces the maximum deterrence of criminal harm with the minimum amount of harm to the offender     Emphasis on the Goal of punishment rather than on an abstract reason
Individual cases of punishment are justified if they are in accord with the rules of the justified
Punishment system     No equality between the crime of murder and the retaliation except by judicial system executing the criminal
Punish only persons who have actually committed crimes, reduction murder rate     Make offender “take responsibility” for action,
By re-paying the debt to society
Number of lives saved , must be exceeded by the number of lives executed     Punish the bad because they deserve it
Punishment must effectively promotes the interests of society     Punishment must

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