Capital Punishment

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Death Penalty

Death is the ultimate unknown that has never and will never be discovered. It is here that man meets his day of reckoning. To put a man to death is to force a premature end put to his life. The death sentence is a measure by which the United States government uses as a penalty for capital crimes in 38 of its states ( The list of capital crimes differs depending on the state that the murder is committed. The range of crimes that are punishable by death run from murder of the first-degree which is similar in all 38 states, to states such as Kentucky where aggravated kidnapping is punishable by death. The list of capital crimes is based upon what the state feels to be crimes that deserve a punishment of
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Expert knowledge is often needed in capital crime cases. There is typically experts from around the country that need to be flown to the scene of the crime and then also to the courthouse. This all requires money that is spotted by the county. If a public defender is called into action, the state is required to pay for the court costs of that lawyer as well. The other aspect that accounts for a good amount of money is the cost of flying relatives and friends that are called to be witnesses in the case. All this adds up to a very large bill that the county is required to foot. This seems to be unfair and can do very bad things to a small counties budget.

Jeff Sculin a writer for The Ledger, a newspaper in Lakeland, FL goes as far as to say that, “A single death penalty case can bankrupt a smaller county, force leaders to raise taxes, cut services or both.” Basically what Sculin is getting at here is that the economic burden of trial of a capital crimes suspect far outweighs the economic boundaries of most counties. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when allowing the death penalty. Does the state have the economic means for backing their local government in order to do justice to that individual? In cases such as a small county like Polk County, there is no way that they are going to be able to fit a capital crime case into their small budget. This then falls on the tax payers who pay the price for putting

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