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a) Through the Utilitarian perspective, Bedau is a firm believer in the removal of capital punishment; Bedau thinks that no reason is good enough justify the more severe punishment like death penalty on the moral ground, and no evidence of deterrence and prevention is sufficient enough to support the retribution of justice to keep capital punishment. Bedau have raised several arguments direct to the issue of death penalty: The morality of self-defense and death penalty; the efficiency prevention and the deterrence through capital punishment; then finally the inequity treatment towards the racially disadvantaged and poor. Bedau does not believe in justifying capital punishment as self-defense on the moral ground just to avoid further …show more content…
(Bedau CC Pg 407) In the observation of the parole, imprisonment, and release records, there is only about one out of five hundred convicted murderers would kill again; from this we can only tell that execution of these convicts could only prevent fewer killing to take place by taking more lives. (Bedau CC Pg 408) No concrete evidence could ever sufficiently prove the death penalty being more effective than life imprisonment in deterrence; therefore without a credible evidence to show the more serious penalty of death is efficient, the lighter sentence of life imprisonment should always be the more suitable choice. (Bedau CC Pg 409) Another powerful argument from Bedau, would be the inequity of capital punishment given to the poor and the black for crimes that are less from murder, which is conflicting with the principle of lex talionis. When a black man committed rape or kidnapping, he is more likely to be given death sentence than a Caucasian man, especially when the victims are white; also this issuing of capital punishment for a crime less than murder could not by justify by the principle of lex talionis. (Bedau CC Pg 414) In the case of sentencing the poor with capital punishment, Bedau argues the defendant probably did not get prosecuted on the bases of violent behavior or inability to cooperate but

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