Capital Punishment Is A Form Of Punishment

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Capital Punishment is a form of punishment used to put criminals to death for certain serious crimes. Capital Punishment has been around for many years in different variations by putting an individuals to death, because many people are afraid to die. However, over the years problems have risen about the ethical issues on whether killing someone in terms of a punishment is ethical or unethical. Therefore, since the death penalty is within the states, some states decided to opt out of being a death penalty state. The states that decided to remain as a death penalty state were those who crime and murder rates are continually increasing over the years; however, the states that decided to opt out have low crimes rates and sees imprisonment as deterrence rather than death. The state of Kentucky is one of the states within the United States who still support the death penalty. On January 1, 1975 the death penalty was reinstated within the state of Kentucky. However, issues on whether putting someone to death is immoral and has become a leading topic in the correctional system and public. Therefore, a bill was proposed by Rep. Tom Burch, which would enforce the task force to review all possible outcomes on whether capital punishment deters crime and is applied fairly, also is capital punishment still accepted within the society we live in today. After reviewing the bill that was proposed, Rep. Jesse Crenshaw, a former prosecutor who once supported capital punishment, stated that “he
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