Capital Punishment Is A Form Of Torture

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Capital punishment is nothing new; executions have taken place for centuries. Capital punishment is utilized throughout the world. Thirty-six countries currently use the death penalty in law and practice. One hundred and three countries have abolished the death penalty completely. Whereas, six countries currently retain the death penalty for special circumstances, such as war crimes (CIA World Factbook). Whether capital punishment is an effective measure to curb future violent crimes is still debated. Another argument is whether capital punishment is justice or a form of torture. Capital punishment serves a much-needed purpose, it gives the victims and their families a voice, and a platform to spread awareness about capital crimes and the power to feel that justice is served.
People who oppose capital punishment claim that its use is ineffective in deterring other violent crimes. Statistics shows that in the United States the death penalty isn’t effective in deterring murder. However, in countries where the death penalty is used more efficiently, than in the United States, the death penalty is effective. Crimes such as murder and treason are nearly non-existent in countries that effectively use the death penalty as punishment for those crimes. Another argument why capital punishment is not needed is the cost associated with it. Objectors claim that the cost of execution is too high, and that it is more cost effective to keep criminals in prisons. A third argument is that…
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