Capital Punishment Is A Global Issue

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Capital punishment is a global issue and it is a question of life and death. Capital punishment is when the government kills a person by using legal means, and sometimes it is called the death penalty. The death penalty is the prosecution of people who have been found guilty of malefaction that is measured to be worthy of capital punishment. Capital punishment has been practiced for many years, in the United States and across the world. In the United States, each state has the right to accept if they will use capital punishment for committed crimes by an individual in their state or not. There are many factors that should not be ignored because there has to be actual evidence and people who can testimony on exactly what happened, but that is not what happens. As Stephen mentions, “America is still one of the world’s Big Six when it comes to putting its citizens to death – along with China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and Sudan. Gallup says that around 65 per cent of Americans still favor the death penalty, and only one of the 2008 presidential frontrunners has the courage to oppose it” (32-33). The death penalty is practiced in the United State, but few states have abrogated it, including Minnesota. States like Texas still practice the death penalty in the United States. According to Fuller, … Texas has executed 876 people since 1964, and it is one of the States that practice the death penalty more than any other State . The state accounts for nearly 40 percent of executions in…
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