Capital Punishment Is Cruel And Unusual

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Although many people believe that capital punishment is cruel and unusual. It is the only punishment that can truly compensate the loss of a loved one. In recent years, the rate of serious crimes has increased. The increase of crime is the result of less effective punishment. Dating back to early civilizations, capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, was viewed as an effective punishment. Yet today’s society it is viewed as cruel and inhumane. I believe that capital punishment should be executed more often because; the rate of serious crime will decrease, free up prison space, and would serve as the ultimate warning. What is capital punishment? Capital punishment is the lawful way to take a person’s life, once convicted of a serious crime, such as first-degree murder. Some people agree it is the most appropriate punishment to all vile murder cases (Williams), but others call it cruel and unconstitutional. There are a variety of methods in the death penalty. The method used most would be lethal injections, due to its quickness, effectiveness, and pain-less results. My first reason why I believe the death penalty should be executed more often is because it could possibly help the problem of overcrowding in prisons. States such as Texas and California, mainly suffer from this problem due to its vast population and crime rate. Instead of keeping inmates for life in prison, its better to execute the one’s with the most serious crimes than to release them or
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