Capital Punishment Is Deterring Future Crimes

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The death penalty remains one of the most controversial topics in the study of criminal justice. Hundreds of convicted criminals have seen their fate by the hands of capital punishment in the course of United States history. Hundreds of others are still awaiting the day their sentence will be carried out. However, even though many of Americans still believe the principal role of capital punishment is deterring future crimes, thousands of others condemn the United States criminal justice system for its errors and fallacies, which result in erroneous capital punishment decisions and legalized violence against innocent people.

Capital punishment has recently become an issue of discussion in the American Journal of Criminal Justice. The central theme of the journal covers "contemporary topics related to the death penalty that have not been addressed or have received limited attention in the extant criminological literature" (Richards & Smith, 2015, p. 199). In other words, the journal focuses on the analysis of the topics, issues, and controversies surrounding the death penalty, which have been ignored by other researchers. As a result, it uncovers the hidden facets of capital punishment and suggests future directions for death penalty research. This journal focuses on the influence of extralegal and legal variables on capital punishment.

The article includes complete credentials of both authors. Tara N. Richards is referred to as an Assistant Professor in the…
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