Capital Punishment : Is It Really Good?

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Mr. Johnson
3 August 2015

Capital Punishment or the Death Penalty, is it really good? The death penalty, what comes to mind when you hear those words? Death, punishment, murder, the value of life and right to live, perhaps even the constitution. That is what comes to mind of many people who hear those words. Should we have the death penalty or should we not? Capital punishment should only be used for the right purposes, at the right time, for only the worst offenders. The goal in this paper is to shed some light, and express the beliefs on capital punishment. The history of capital punishment dates back to ancient times, it can be found in the code of Hammurabi. It was practiced in Western Europe from the fall of Rome to the common era, in the 18th century the modern movement to abolish capital punishment began. Venezuela, San Marino, and Costa Rica were some of the first countries to abolish capital punishment. Would others follow their lead or would they continue to have the death penalty? As of 2012, 97 other countries abolished the death penalty, whereas others merely revised it. Although many countries still punish crimes by death, such as America. Since the 1970s almost all of those sentenced to the death penalty were convicted of homicide. In a 1972 trial the death penalty, as then practiced, was ruled unconstitutional because it was applied differently to those of different race and social class. However, it was left open so congress or state…

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